Tumbling Classes

Age 2 - 18 Boys and Girls 

1 class per week        $65           
2 classes per week    $120.00      

Sibling Discount
A sibling discount on monthly tuition is given for two (2) or more athletes in the same family.

$10.00 discount 

Trial Classes

Come in today and try a trial class!

Summer Activity Program

This program is Monday - Friday 9am - 430pm 

Early drop off available and late pick up available 

Weekly Tuition – $110.00

After School Activity Program

Weekly Tuition - $70.00 

We provide school pick up for our After School Activity Program for Canton ISD and Edgewood ISD  


Recreational and Competitive Team Fee's are based on a 6-12 month program 

Your child will be evaluated and placed on the team that best fits their ability level 

Your tuition fee includes all cheer and tumbling classes during their time in our program


Birthday Parties, Field Trips, Kids Activity Nights, Camps, Clinics, Preschool Special Events, Homeschool Days, and Open Gym.

Fees are due at the time of registration for all special events, does not require an enrollment fee.

No refunds are provided at Stepz All Star Gym 

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07/10/2020 - SA Co-Op

2020 - 2021 Co-Op Program at Stepz All Star Gym

What is a Home School Co-op?

Texas Homeschool Coalition


  • A Home School Co-op is a support group of home schooling families.
  • Co-ops facilitate group academic or extracurricular teaching.
  • The group brings in outside teachers or private contractors for instruction, the classes are led by families within the group, or co-ops feature a combination of both.

THSC definition of a home schooled student:

A home schooled student predominantly receives instruction in a general, elementary or secondary education program that is

provided by the parent—or a person standing in parental authority—in or through the child’s home [Texas Education Code 29.916 (a)].

The parent or person standing in parental authority might contract with outside sources in order that the student

receives additional instruction. For example, a private tutor, co-op class or a college class.

However, this source or these sources do not circumvent the parent’s role in determining the overall success or failure of the student.



          Bree Treadway, MEd.

Mrs. Treadway is married to Todd and they have four children. Krista (20), Jordan (18), Andrew (13) and Justice (12).

They also have 6 cows, 4 goats, 17 chickens, 3 rabbits and 3 dogs. Whew!

Bree received her Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary studies from Texas A&M Commerce and her Master’s Degree in Special Education with an Educational Diagnostician certification from Stephen F. Austin University.

Mrs. Treadway has worked in public education for 10 years, seven as a special education teacher and three as an Educational Diagnostician.

Mrs. Treadway started homeschooling her two youngest sons before Covid 19 came about and was homeschooled as a young child.

She loves and supports public education but knows it’s not the only way for children to gain a quality education and families need options.

She is here to guide the co-op, oversee the classes and work directly with students, as needed.

Mrs. Treadway trusted Christ as her Savior through faith when she was 18. The coop will be faith based.

It is Mrs. Treadway’s desire to work with parents as they oversee the education of their children and for this co-op to have a strong community and family vibe.

Mrs. Treadway is looking forward to serving the families in this community.

Teachers Aids 

We will have numerous teacher's aids (depending on enrollment) to assist Mrs Treadway and your student throughout the day. 

Our Staff 

Our staff will receive a background check and pre employment drug screens are performed in order to be employed at our facility 


School will begin August 17, 2020

Pre K - 12 Grade 

Our school week will consist of a four day week 

Class size will be determined by grade and enrollment - we have room for 5 separate classes 

Monday - Thursday (8:30-3:00) 

Lunch 11am - 12pm (you will provide a lunch for your child) 

Structured PE will be included 2 days per week 

Recess / Sports Training / Physical Activity - Daily 

Friday (8:30am - 3:00pm)  will be dedicated for enrichment and physical activities

We will allow for early drop off and late pick up for working parents

The gym will open daily Monday thru Friday at 7:00 am, late pick up will be 6:00pm 

Semester Registration / Supply Fee $75.00

Tuition $125.00 per week 7am - 6pm 

Tuition $100.00 per week 8:30am - 3:00pm 

Tuition fees will cover the cost of trained professional certified staff and the cost of the facility, learning tools, extracurricular activities and much more.

Your student will have access to a certified teacher, teachers aids, activity coaches etc.

We will offer field trips if we are able. Parents will have the opportunity to teach classes as needed.  

A $75.00 nonrefundable registration fee is charged at the time of enrollment 

Your first week's tuition will be charged on August 13th and will continue to be charged weekly. You will always be a week ahead on tuition  

This tuition cost does not cover your online school choice or daily school supplies 

We will go by the Canton ISD Calendar for the entire 2020-2021 school year 


REMEMBER Parents are responsible for their child’s education and we are here to guide you and support you in the process. 

Pre - K Curriculum will be designed and illustrated by Mrs Treadway with the help of online resources of her choice

Option 1 and 2

Your ISD Online Learning or The K-12 Program


We encourage this route when possible, there are many advantages to continuing enrollment in your local school district. Our staff will support the parent in all

communication with the local ISD’s in order to follow the curriculum and guide your student through the year.

In the event you choose face-to-face learning after the first semester, this will also allow for a smooth transition back into the classroom.

This can be your local ISD or K12. K12 only covers 3rd - 12th grades. 

Option 3

Time 4 Learning: Online Curriculum Provider

Time 4 Learning is an online curriculum provider serving all grades, from preschool through high school. Recognized by home school.com in its Top 100 Educational Websites since 2009,

it takes a very personalized approach to education, easily accommodating not only the average student, but also those with learning weaknesses or with special talent.

Its unique program is suitable for use on its own as well as for supplementary use, whether for homeschooling or for remedial or advanced after-school work.

Contracts are not part of the Time 4 Learning system. Rather, enrollment and payment are on a month-to-month basis.

In the lower grades, from Pre-K through 8th grade, the fee is $19.95 per month for the first student and $14.95 per month for every student after that.

Enrolling in the high school courses costs $30 per month per student and covers four courses.

This program gives parents control of their children’s curricula and allows them easy access to overviews of progress, grade reports, and transcripts.

In addition to these advantages, Time 4 Learning offers detailed lesson plans involving the use of a variety of media, including both online, offline,

and printable work, and in the case of the online work, grading is automatic.

Option 4

SchoolhouseTeachers.com: Online Curriculum Provider

Since 2012, over 7,000 homeschooling families have depended on SchoolhouseTeachers.com to provide outstanding

courses in all subject areas for their children—from preschool through high school.

Because of our incredible team of lesson designers, parents, students, and volunteers, our site now offers more than 300 course

options in everything from computer programming to foreign language, science to music, math to language arts, and so much more.

This cost is around $50 a quarter and covers your whole family. 

SA Co-Op will support 

ISD Online Learning 

K-12 for 3+ grades 

And one of the two non public school options

Mrs Treadway will make a final decision on these programs 


Your child will learn in a loving and safe environment. Our staff will oversee that students complete their work and stay on task. They will facilitate zoom meetings, phone calls, etc.

We will focus on the social and emotional growth of students by modeling appropriate social behaviors, providing opportunities for them to develop new social-emotional skills,

giving  explicit guidance, engaging with parents in a two-way relationship to build children’s social-emotional skills and reflecting an ethic of caring and nurturing. 

They will learn in an developmentally appropriate environment.

They will be in small groups and have one-on-one tutoring with researched based instruction on key concepts or concepts a child may be struggling with.

Mrs. Treadway's background is in early childhood and she is confident in helping children learn to read.

Bible courses will be given that focus on Biblical character traits.

We will be flexible and open to every child’s learning style. 

I want to thank you for taking the time to look into our options for the 2020-2021 school year. Our goal is to give parents an

option during a time when deciding what the future for our children will be is so difficult. We love children and we love your

children and we want to be that place in Van Zandt County that you can bring your children and

know that they are getting what they need, they are always loved and they are safe. 

Registration is open and enrollment is available online at www.sacheer.org 

Click REGISTER HERE and complete the online enrollment 

A $75.00 non refundable registration fee is charged at the time of enrollment 

Thank You, 

Coach BB “Brandi” Weaver 


Stepz All Star Gym 

29414 Hwy 64

Canton, Texas 75103

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Stepz All Star Gym
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